Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nothing New

Sorry for having so much time between blogs but there hasn't been a whole lot of change with Leona.
We did have a visit from Ennis' and Leona's daughter and 2 children in March.
Went great! Leona seemed to be aware of her and smiled a lot at her. She showed her daughter the up side of her. But a few days after her daughter left, Leona started to get up later again and sleeping more during the day. Wasn't as active as before. She still has problems getting up. Is shaky.
Since the whole coughing thing started, I have had sitters dropping like flies. We basically been out of help for almost a month. Except Mary B. who had taken up a lot of the absences. Now she is coughing but Naqah is back. My whole family except Russ has the cough now. Getting better though.
At this point, Leona is sleeping a lot. Not sure if she is catching the coughing stuff we all are getting. If she gets real sick, it won't be a good thing because she could die from that. Russ says most Alzeimer's patience don't really die from the disease. They die from complications such a cold or broken bone if they fall.
I guess I need to update on the Hospice idea. Ennis decided he didn't think we needed it yet because she still can walk around and still feeds herself. I think he sometimes hopes she will get better. It would be pretty final to him if he started Hospice now.
Leona's father died in March at age of 95.

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